NCR Payment Processing

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and serving your customers, whether they are in-store or online.

NCR Merchant Service

Find the best NCR payment processing plan that suits your needs and offers the flexibility to grow.

Keep your customers’ payments safe and secure so that you can focus on what matters.

NCR will work with you 24/7 to keep vulnerable credit card transactions secure, with EMV hardware and software like: ‍ EMV-capable readers Real-time security reporting, and Tokenization.

A PCI-DSS Compliant and Secure Electronic Payment Gateway

NCR created an electronic payment gateway, NCR Secure Pay, to help minimize your risk for a credit card security breach by addressing the two key elements of payment security: data storage and data transmission.

These systems ensure that cards are immediately encrypted the moment the chip is inserted, protecting the customer by making it as if the credit card number never existed in the first place.

Maximize Security

NCR Secure Pay automatically utilizes token replacement, also known as tokenization, which allows NCR Counterpoint to store a token instead of an actual card number.

The card number is stored at the NCR Secure Pay host in its encrypted database. This functionality is used to store a customer’s card number in a protected environment for future purposes, such as validated returns and card-on-file transactions.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

NCR Secure Pay provides Point-to-Point Encryption for credit and debit transactions when an encrypting EMV payment terminal is used.

The EMV hardware is injected with NCR Secure Pay encryption keys, so NCR Counterpoint does not have the actual card information.

Only the NCR Secure Pay host has the keys to decrypt the data before sending it to the credit processor for authorization.