Reports and Analytics

Access all the data that drives business success in one place. Manage and control day-to-day retail and wholesale operations with a unified source of data, from inventory, purchasing, selling to financial close.

Counterpoint POS Reports

Accurately Predict and Fulfill Retail Demand

Anticipate customer demand while improving sales, cutting costs, and reducing inventory overhead.

Support new shopping habits with an omnichannel retail strategy.

Grow your team and ensure organizational success with training.

Sales and Merchandise Analysis

Remove the guess work with intelligent analytics. Make better decisions with reports and data visualization tools.

  • Customizable inventory performance reports
  • Merchandise analysis report
  • Tools to set consumption-based replenishment
  • Ensure security with validated returns
  • Integrate data with Microsoft Power BI and o Excel

Manage Inventory and Supplier Relations More Effectively

Optimize your inventory and your supply chain to speed delivery time, increase sales, improve inventory turn and deliver the products your customers need and when they need them. Improve supplier relationships, transparency and forecasting.

WMS functionality reduces overhead and cycle times while increasing inventory turns and on-time delivery rates.

Counterpoint Retail POS Software
Counterpoint Retail POS Software
Counterpoint Retail POS Software
Counterpoint Retail POS Software

Counterpoint Retail POS Software

$ 139

Per license, per month, billed annually

Per license, per month

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Price includes a Counterpoint software license and Microsoft Azure cloud services managed by our expert engineers. Protect your POS investment today and your retail visions for tomorrow.

Growth today demands proven POS software to keep overhead costs low while providing everything required to confidently scale your business. With one-click secure cloud platform, your sales, orders, inventory, customers, and reports are in sync. Build your multi-channel brand with confidence and grow profits.

Leverage Microsoft Azure cloud capabilities. Simplify IT and move forward with trusted, secure and scalable Counterpoint cloud POS. Be aware of drawbacks of legacy on-premise POS before making a purchase decision. Legacy POS is expensive to implement and maintain, not easily scalable and it does not support mobility.

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Unparalleled Implementation and Training Services Will Get You Up and Running Fast

No POS software package is ready out of the box. Customization, integration and training are key to successful business optimization, employee adoption, and robust return on investment.

Counterpoint On-boarding Service
Counterpoint On-boarding Service

Counterpoint On-boarding Service

We will put our experience to configure your cloud POS software, hardware, and optimize the database that increases efficiency.
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Counterpoint Expert Training
Counterpoint Expert Training

Counterpoint Expert Training

Our certified trainers are ready to show you not only program functionalities, but more importantly, how to use the system and the data to achieve maximum benefits.
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