Constructing an enriching shopping experience with the right CRM will undeniably drive customer loyalty and business growth.

Discover Features and Benefits

Full View of Customer History

Record every transaction in a single, searchable system - from account management console, quotes, orders, invoices, payments and purchase history.

Engage customers with omnichannel commerce. Accept orders everywhere - online, in person, phone, email, and more. Fast track orders-to-cash.

Raise Efficiency With Account Management CRM

The Account Management features allow you to better serve your customers and to easily manage their orders, invoices, credits, and payments by presenting all relevant information allowing you to perform account-related activities from a single, unified interface.

Streamline billing, collections, payments, and reporting in one platform.

• Easily generate and deliver branded invoices
• View customer open balance, email statements
• Save credit card information securely to pay balance

CustomerConnect Email Marketing

Connect with customers and increase your sales using an integrated email marketing app based on customer purchase history, customer category, preferences, and profile data in customer records.

Increase customer loyalty. Offer coupons, send happy birthday e-cards, inform customers new products arrival, or upcoming sale.

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