iTab Full System Setup

No software package is ready out of the box. Software configuration, menu programming, hardware installation, and training are key to successful business optimization, employee adoption, and robust return on investment.

Experience the Power and Efficiency of  iTab Cloud POS

 iTab POS System

Online Ordering 

Delivery Integration

 Tableside Order & Payment

Reservation and Waitlist

Employee Scheduling Software 

Aim to Grow Your Restaurant Business 

Eliminate disparate systems and bring your store operations, workforce, and accounting together into a single software platform.

Counterpoint POS Support

Full System Setup

We will put our experience to configure your iTab cloud POS software and optimize menu programming that increases efficiency.

We help you build your custom menu and ordering flow. From revenue centers, KDS, menu modifiers, recipe, and discounts, we have got you covered. 


Hardware Configuration

Our certified technicians will  configure your secured network, setup the EMV credit card device, kitchen display, mobile POS, and touch-screen point of sale hardware with accuracy.

We are confident in both our online and offline functionality even when you have internet failure. 

Expert Training

Provide your staff  the knowledge, skills and information to get them up and running as quickly as possible.

Learn how to utilize the robust tracking tools, get a pulse on your restaurant's inventory, labor, and scheduling.

Order Your On-boarding and Training Services

We closely work with you to configure your POS software, database, hardware, and provide hands-on training. Please be sure to order your required on-boarding and training services to get the most out of your POS system and thrive.

Counterpoint On-boarding Service
Counterpoint On-boarding Service

Counterpoint On-boarding Service

Counterpoint Expert Training
Counterpoint Expert Training

Counterpoint Expert Training