iTab Waitlist and Reservations

Waitlist offers restaurant an easy way to keep track of customers
and open tables. Making it easier for customers to be seated in
a more organized manner.

iTab Waitlist App Built to Improve Guest Experience

Nobody likes to wait for a table. For seamless welcoming process, offer customers an easy way to add their name to the waitlist, see the estimated wait time and be alerted when their table is ready. Take control - access real-time view of table status.

iTab Reservation App For Restaurants

Manage Reservations With a Fast and Fully Integrated Solution

Replace the scribbled-on paper and those vibrating light-up buzzers! Add transparency around how long it will take for customers to be seated. Customers can see their estimated wait time right from their mobile devices.

Better for business - increase seating efficiency and improve ticket flow.

Easy to setup - easily add customers to a waitlist from any device.

Less waiting around - take control with this digital hostess assistant.

Seamless service - quickly organize tables and get customers to their seats.

Serve more guests - optimize dining space and increase efficiency, sales and tips.

Notify Customers When Table is Ready With Text and Phone Alerts

Guests receive text-message notification or a phone call when their table is ready.

Update Customers - automated notifications notify guests when their table is ready.

Easy to use - train new staff in no time with our user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Waitlist reporting - track and measure your customer experience.

Win-win for all - guests can relax while staff can feel at ease with our automated system.

Customizable Restaurant POS System
Restaurant POS iTab System

Grow Profitably

Track average wait times, longest wait and cancellations.

More efficiency - automated means your staff can focus on service.

Speed up the checkout process by allowing your guests at tableside EMV and add tips easily.

Reduce walk-away - when guests are in the loop they stick around.

Serve more guests - optimize dining space and increase sales and tips.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Modern payments and receipt sending options. All faster than ever. Send e-receipts or paper receipts with built-in printer.

Collect customer data - track valuable customer information and collect data to understand your audience.

Increase customer loyalty - Build a customer database, develop customer profiles, and understand menu preferences. Provide better service with a data-based strategy

iTab POS Reports
Restaurant POS iTab System

Why iTab POS?

With integrations for online ordering, loyalty programs, table-side ordering, and low monthly cost, choosing the world’s greatest, iTab POS is an easy decision.

Cloud-based and automatically updated monthly with powerful new tools and integrations.

Access it from anywhere, on any device, anytime, in any language and currency.

EMV-ready and PCI compliant payment processing for a complete solution.

Compete online with a customized website, menu and website platform for taking orders.

Setup rewards points - easily integrate with a digital rewards program.

Get POS Hardware Made by Trusted Brands


The Embodiment of a Long NCR Hardware Tradition. The CX7's sleek design carries forward NCR's rich heritage of innovation, adaptability, unrelenting toughness, and sheer capability.

It blends seamlessly into any retail environment, but its unobtrusive good look hides a powerful point of sale terminal ready to respond instantly and keep your business running smoothly at all time. 

The CX7 couples this upscale design with best in class performance. 

24/7 Top Tier POS Support

Services - with deep restaurant knowledge, our POS experts will configure your iTab POS platform, setup your menu and staff data, configure hardware, and provide "go-live" support. Our team is committed to your success.

Training - our experienced trainers will conduct live training to get your staff up to speed.

Expect Amazing Results​ - We keep projects on time, on budget and bring POS stability backed by our 24/7 U.S.- based frontline support to preserve your business.

POS Hardware Built For Restaurants

With performance and reliability that’s second to none, our modern commercial-grade hardware is designed for demanding restaurant environments.

iTab EMV Mobile Payment