Gift Card and Loyalty

Most businesses offer a variety of gift cards and loyalty options to suit their specific needs to increase repeat business, improve communication, and grow market share.

Gift Card Programs for Counterpoint POS System

Gift Card - The Fastest Growing Form of Payment

It is the fastest growing form of non-cash payment in the United States. 

Gift cards act as miniature billboards, improving brand awareness and increase repeat business.

Customers generally spend more than the amount of the gift cards thus increase additional sales.

Gift Cards that are never utilized (expired, lost) represent 100% profit to your bottom line.

Gift card sales is great for cash flow because cards are prepaid before goods and services are provided, allowing you to invest these prepaid dollars into your business.

Build Better Customer Retention and Trust With Loyalty Programs

Reward your customers with personalized incentives and experience that best reflect their interactions with your brand.

Synchronize all your data in real-time to personalize your promotions and boost your performance.

Award points in any way you like for all the behaviour that promotes the best growth in your business.

Build special membership programs that offer overall benefits or access to premium products and pricing.

Customer Loyalty Program for Counterpoint Retail POS Software

Manage Inventory and Supplier Relations More Effectively

Optimize your inventory and your supply chain to speed delivery time, increase sales, improve inventory turn and deliver the products your customers need and when they need them. Improve supplier relationships, transparency and forecasting.

WMS functionality reduces overhead and cycle times while increasing inventory turns and on-time delivery rates.

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