Full Service Restaurant POS System

iTab full-service cloud restaurant POS software is designed to streamline your restaurant’s daily operation. iTab helps servers to turn tables faster, increase sales and tips. Manage your floor plans and tables on the fly. Order and pay at the table, build business with online ordering, delivery integration, and scheduling system. 

Advanced Cloud POS Solutions for Full Service Restaurants

Operate with confidence, knowing iTab is built for restaurants by industry experts. Keep your hosts, servers, kitchen, expos, and management team in sync, so guests are always impressed. iTab POS supports multiple languages and multiple currencies, used by restaurants around the world.

Advanced Restaurant POS System

Flexible Floor Plan

  • Move / join tables quickly
  • Reservations and waitlist
  • Color code table status
iTab POS for small restaurant

Tableside Payments

  • Digital menu
  • Tableside orders
  • Tableside EMV payments
Best Restaurant POS software

Easy Menu Manager

  • Arrange menu by categories
  • Merge / split checks
  • Color code menu items

Connect Dining Room Staff With Kitchen Operations

When the evening rush is in full swing let iTab coordinate the entire experience for your guests, so they will return for more.

Take order from anywhere with iTab mobile 

Keep your kitchen running at full speed with KDS

Easy guest management with color-coded floor plans and table status indicators.

Let servers conveniently split / merge checks.

Make checkouts fast and easy with table-side EMV payments and digital receipts.

Never lose a check or a payment with iTab offline mode.

Increase Order Accuracy With Effortless Menu Management

Managing a restaurant includes tracking inventory and making sure menu items are available when customers order. With large kitchens and busy dining rooms, you need iTab POS system to the keep operations on track.

Increase speed of service and order accuracy with optional or mandatory modifiers.

Group your items by categories and color-coded menu options for ease of order entry.

Access real-time data on kitchen efficiency with net sales and average fulfillment time.

Take Complete Control of Your Payment Processing

Provide a secured and most convenient payment and ordering experience for your guests with iTab full-service restaurant POS systems.

With transparent pricing and world-class support, you are in good hands.

Pre-authorizations with EMV Chip Payments.

Open bar tabs by guest name, transfer tab to tables with ease.

Never loose any tips. Add or adjust tips with manager's security key.

Offer SMS and Digital Receipts for convenience.

iTab POS Evolves With Your Business

Elevate the dining experience or keep it casual. Everything you need for quality tableside and off-premise service in one easy-to-use platform. Get the latest and greatest software features at every POS terminal any time and deliver quality service seamlessly - all the time. iTab POS software is compatible with iPad and Android point of sale terminals. Features may vary between iOS and Android software. Got questions? Contact our sales advisors.

Get POS Hardware Made by Trusted Brands


The Embodiment of a Long NCR Hardware Tradition. The CX7's sleek design carries forward NCR's rich heritage of innovation, adaptability, unrelenting toughness, and sheer capability.

It blends seamlessly into any retail environment, but its unobtrusive good look hides a powerful point of sale terminal ready to respond instantly and keep your business running smoothly at all time. 

The CX7 couples this upscale design with best in class performance. 

Point of Sale

A powerful cloud-based platform and a user-friendly interface that is fully customizable to your exact specifications. Delight guests while maximizing your profits. Contact us for a personalized quote today.

Order & Pay-at-The-Table

A complete cloud-based “order & and pay-at-the-table” solution, is the safest and the most convenient way to increase table turns & tips, reduce wait times, and improve customer satisfaction.

Online Ordering Platform

Over 30% of consumers use a 3rd party delivery app at least twice a week. It’s no wonder why restaurants are ramping up their online presence. Accept Online Orders with a fast, easy, and powerful  platform. 

Inventory Control

Maximize profits while reduce human-errors with a real-time inventory management integration that allows you to take control of your purchasing and food cost.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Never miss an order due to the rush. Organize your kitchen, improve communication, reduce mistakes, and send orders out faster with a beautiful and simple kitchen order display system.

Scheduling and Staff Management

Staff management and scheduling is easy. Build your weekly staff schedule easily in a matter of minutes. Alert employees of the weekly schedule with automated emails or mobile phone.

Gift Card
Grow sales and your brand awareness with Gift Cards. Customizable design with your logo and all the colors that represent you. Increase brand awareness, sales, and get free advertiment.

Manage Multiple Locations

Control your entire business with one system. Benefit from centralized management, inventory, kitchen, call center, reports, gift cards, loyalty marketing, and more.

Reporting and Analytics

Get real time actionable reports so you can make informed decisions. iTab POS Reporting and Analytics platform gives you the practical insights you need to power your restaurant.

Loyalty & Marketing

Loyalty reward programs encourage repeat purchases in store and online. Keep your customers engaged by sharing your restaurant’s latest news, product promotions, or upcoming events with ease.

Waitlist & Reservation

Waitlist offers restaurant an easy way to keep track of customers and open tables. Making it easier for customers to be seated in a more organized manner. Waitlist built to improve guest experience.


 Tap into the extensive Dasher network when you need to provide fast and easy delivery to your customers. Easily integrate delivery into your existing online ordering website and app. 

Order Que Display Screen

With a simple order ready screen, customers can track their order status. Your staff doesn’t need to shout out the order numbers, and your customers don’t need to stress over wait times!

Smart Alerts

Automated guest, staff and management alerts from KDS, Waitlist, Scheduler, and Inventory. Personalized SMS alerts to customers waiting for their table. Receive daily reports that show sales, discounts.

Accounting Integration

iTab accounting interface allows you to transfer information between POS and your QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero and more. Improve efficiency, accuracy and financial management.

We've Got Your Back 

24/7 Top Tier POS Support

We closely work with you to configure your restaurant platform, migrate your menu and staff data from your previous system, configure hardware, and deliver hands-on training. Then we provide live support to get your staff up to speed.

Expect Amazing Results ​

We keep projects on time, on budget and bring POS stability backed by our 24/7 U.S.-based frontline support to preserve your business.

POS Hardware Built For Restaurants

With performance and reliability that’s second to none, our modern commercial-grade hardware is designed for demanding restaurant environments.

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