Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Organize orders on the KDS. Have a well-organized kitchen
with clear workflows by replacing printers and paper tickets
with digital order viewing screens. 

Improve Food Production, Increase Customer Satisfaction!

At the core of guest satisfaction is the arrival of the food order in a timely matter at the appropriate temperature.

The iTab Kitchen Display System adds value by maximizing guest satisfaction while minimizing labor costs, kitchen errors, and wasted food. 

Improve the speed of food service by controlling and being aware of check times while they are on the line.

Increase your customers’ satisfaction by providing accurate orders based on their requests.

Streamline kitchen performance and improve communication, and productivity based on gathered data.

Improve food production with more accurate ticket times.

Deliver Amazing Customer Experience Consistently!

Easily configured to fit your restaurant needs, the inclusion of iTab Kitchen Display System benefits your customers and your business in many ways.

KDS Routes orders from the Point of Sale to the correct food preparation stations.

KDS Organizes items so dishes that should go out at the same time are prepared in the right order.

KDS Alerts kitchen staff if orders have been in the queue for too long.

KDS Clearly displays special requests, comments, allergies, and extras.

KDS Smart Routing - send items to specific screens by item type.

Restaurant POS iTab System

Why iTab POS?

With integrations for online ordering, loyalty programs, table-side ordering / payment, and low monthly cost, buying the world’s best iTab POS is an easy decision.

iTab POS system is beautifully designed, simple to set up, and easy to use.

ITab makes online ordering fast and simple.

Delivery Integration - iTab receives orders directly into POS from various online ordering / delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, Door Dash, Grub Hub and more.

Get iTab POS today and grow sales, save time, increase efficiency, eliminate human errors, and more.

Get POS Hardware Made by Trusted Brands


The Embodiment of a Long NCR Hardware Tradition. The CX7's sleek design carries forward NCR's rich heritage of innovation, adaptability, unrelenting toughness, and sheer capability.

It blends seamlessly into any retail environment, but its unobtrusive good look hides a powerful point of sale terminal ready to respond instantly and keep your business running smoothly at all time. 

The CX7 couples this upscale design with best in class performance. 

24/7 Top Tier POS Support

Services - with deep restaurant knowledge, our POS experts will configure your iTab POS platform, setup your menu and staff data, configure hardware, and provide "go-live" support. Our team is committed to your success.

Training - our experienced trainers will conduct live training to get your staff up to speed.

Expect Amazing Results​ - we keep projects on time, on budget and bring POS stability backed by our 24/7 U.S.- based frontline support to preserve your business.

POS Hardware Built For Restaurants

With performance and reliability that’s second to none, our modern commercial-grade hardware is designed for demanding restaurant environments.

iTab EMV Mobile Payment